An object within a document that contains the visual elements of the image (equivalent to a layer in the Adobe Photoshop application).


fillOpacity readonly The interior opacity of the layer. Range: 0.0 to 100.0.
filterMaskDensity readonly The density of the filter mask (between 0.0 and 100.0)
filterMaskFeather readonly The feather of the filter mask (between 0.0 and 250.0)
grouped readonly If true, the layer is grouped with the layer below.
isBackgroundLayer readonly If true, the layer is a background layer.
kind readonly Sets the layer kind (such as ‘text layer’) for an empty layer. Valid only when the layer is empty and when ‘is background layer ‘ is false. You can use the ‘kind ‘ property to make a background layer a normal layer; however, to make a layer a background layer, you must set ‘is background layer’ to true.
layerMaskDensity readonly The density of the layer mask (between 0.0 and 100.0)
layerMaskFeather readonly The feather of the layer mask (between 0.0 and 250.0)
parent readonly The object’s container.
pixelsLocked readonly If true, the pixels in the layer’s image cannot be edited.
positionLocked readonly If true, the pixels in the layer’s image cannot be moved within the layer.
textItem readonly The text that is associated with the layer. Valid only when ‘kind’ is text layer.
transparentPixelsLocked readonly If true, editing is confined to the opaque portions of the layer.
typename readonly The class name of the object.
vectorMaskDensity readonly The density of the vector mask (between 0.0 and 100.0)
vectorMaskFeather readonly The feather of the vector mask (between 0.0 and 250.0)


add readonly Adds an element.
adjustBrightnessContrast readonly Adjusts the brightness and constrast.
adjustColorBalance readonly Adjusts the color balance of the layer’s component channels.
adjustCurves readonly Adjusts the tonal range of the selected channel using up to fourteen points.
adjustLevels readonly Adjusts levels of the selected channels.
applyAddNoise readonly Applies the add noise filter.
applyAverage readonly Applies the average filter.
applyBlur readonly Applies the blur filter.
applyBlurMore readonly Applies the blur more filter.
applyClouds readonly Applies the clouds filter.
applyCustomFilter readonly Applies the custom filter.
applyDeInterlace readonly Applies the de-interlace filter.
applyDespeckle readonly Applies the despeckle filter.
applyDifferenceClouds readonly Applies the difference clouds filter.
applyDiffuseGlow readonly Applies the diffuse glow filter.
applyDisplace readonly Applies the displace filter.
applyDustAndScratches readonly Applies the dust and scratches filter.
applyGaussianBlur readonly Applies the gaussian blur filter.
applyGlassEffect readonly Applies the glass filter.
applyHighPass readonly Applies the high pass filter.
applyLensBlur readonly Apply the lens blur filter.
applyLensFlare readonly Applies the lens flare filter.
applyMaximum readonly Applies the maximum filter.
applyMedianNoise readonly Applies the median noise filter.
applyMinimum readonly Applies the minimum filter.
applyMotionBlur readonly Applies the motion blur filter.
applyNTSC readonly Applies the NTSC colors filter.
applyOceanRipple readonly Applies the ocean ripple filter.
applyOffset readonly Applies the offset filter.
applyPinch readonly Applies the pinch filter.
applyPolarCoordinates readonly Applies the polar coordinates filter.
applyRadialBlur readonly Applies the radial blur filter.
applyRipple readonly Applies the ripple filter.
applySharpen readonly Applies the sharpen filter.
applySharpenEdges readonly Applies the sharpen edges filter.
applySharpenMore readonly Applies the sharpen more filter.
applyShear readonly Applies the shear filter.
applySmartBlur readonly Applies the smart blur filter.
applySpherize readonly Applies the spherize filter.
applyStyle readonly Applies the specified style to the layer.
applyStyleFile readonly  
applyTextureFill readonly Applies the texture fill filter.
applyTwirl readonly Applies the twirl filter.
applyUnSharpMask readonly Applies the unsharp mask filter.
applyWave readonly Applies the wave filter.
applyZigZag readonly Applies the zigzag filter.
autoContrast readonly Adjusts the contrast of the selected channels automatically.
autoLevels readonly Adjust the levels of the selected channels using the auto levels option.
clear readonly Cuts the layer without moving it to the clipboard.
copy readonly Copies the layer to the clipboard.
cut readonly Cuts the layer to the clipboard.
desaturate readonly Converts a color image to a grayscale image in the current color mode by assigning equal values of each component color to each pixel.
equalize readonly Redistributes the brightness values of pixels in an image to more evenly represent the entire range of brightness levels within the image.
invert readonly Inverts the colors in the layer by converting the brightness value of each pixel in the channels to the inverse value on the 256-step color-values scale.
merge readonly Merges the layer down, removing the layer from the document. Returns a reference to the art layer that this layer is merged into.
mixChannels readonly Modifies a targeted (output) color channel using a mix of the existing color channels in the image. (output channels = An array of channel specifications. For each component channel, specify a list of adjustment values (-200 to 200) followed by a ‘constant’ value (-200 to 200).) When monochrome = true, the maximum number of channel value specifications is 1. Valid only when ‘document mode’ = RGB or CMYK. RGB arrays must include four doubles. CMYK arrays must include five doubles.
photoFilter readonly Adjusts the layer’s color balance and temperature as if a color filter had been applied.
posterize readonly Specifies the number of tonal levels for each channel and then maps pixels to the closest matching level.
rasterize readonly Converts the targeted content in the layer into a flat, raster image.
saveStyleFile readonly  
selectiveColor readonly  
shadowHighlight readonly Adjusts the range of tones in the shadows and highlights.
threshold readonly Converts grayscale or color images to high-contrast, B/W images by converting pixels lighter than the specified threshold to white and pixels darker than the threshold to black.