Print settings for a document.


activePrinter readonly Currently selected printer.
backgroundColor readonly Background color of page.
bleedWidth readonly Bleed width.
caption readonly Description field from File Info.
centerCropMarks readonly Print center crop marks.
colorBars readonly Print color calibration bars.
colorHandling readonly Color handling.
copies readonly Number of copies.
cornerCropMarks readonly Print corner crop marks.
docPosition readonly Position of image when printing.
flip readonly Flip the image horizontally.
hardProof readonly Print a hard proof.
interpolate readonly  
labels readonly Prints the document title.
mapBlack readonly Map blacks.
negative readonly Invert the image colors.
parent readonly The object’s container.
posX readonly X position of image on page.
posY readonly Y position of image on page.
printBorder readonly Width of the print border.
printSpace readonly Color space for printer. Can be nothing (meaning same as source) or a string specifying a specific color profile.
printerName readonly Name of printer.
printers readonly List of available printers.
registrationMarks readonly Print registration marks.
renderIntent readonly Color conversion intent when print space is different from the source space.
scale readonly Scale of image on page.
typename readonly The class name of the object.
vectorData readonly Include vector data.


setPagePosition readonly Set the position of the image on the page.