Options for saving a document in PDF format.

Static Properties

PDFCompatibility readonly The PDF version to make the document compatible with.
PDFStandard readonly The PDF standard to make the document compatible with.
alphaChannels readonly If true, the alpha channels are saved.
annotations readonly If true, the annotations are saved.
colorConversion readonly If true, converts the color profile to the destination profile.
convertToEightBit readonly If true, converts a 16-bit image to 8-bit for better compatibility with other applications.
description readonly Description of the save options in use.
destinationProfile readonly Describes the final RGB or CMYK output device, such as a monitor or press standard.
downSample readonly The downsample method to use.
downSampleSize readonly The size (in pixels per inch) to downsample images to if they exceed the value specified for ‘down sample size limit’.
downSampleSizeLimit readonly Limits downsampling or subsampling to images that exceed this value (in pixels per inch).
downgradeColorProfile readonly DEPRECATED, ( should the embedded color profile be downgraded to version 2 )
embedColorProfile readonly If true, the color profile is embedded in the document.
embedFonts readonly DEPRECATED. ( embed fonts? Only valid if a text layer is included )
embedThumbnail readonly If true, includes a small preview image in Acrobat.
encoding readonly The encoding method to use.
interpolation readonly DEPRECATED. ( use image interpolation? )
jpegQuality readonly The quality of the produced image. Valid only for JPEG-encoded PDF documents. Range: 0 to 12.
layers readonly If true, the layers are saved.
optimizeForWeb readonly If true, improves performance of PDFs on Web servers.
outputCondition readonly An optional comment field for inserting descriptions of the output condition. The text is stored in the PDF/X file.
outputConditionID readonly The identifier for the output condition.
preserveEditing readonly If true, allows users to reopen the PDF in Photoshop with native Photoshop data intact.
presetFile readonly The preset file to use for settings; overrides other settings.
profileInclusionPolicy readonly If true, shows which profiles to include.
registryName readonly The URL where the output condition is registered.
spotColors readonly If true, the spot colors are saved.
tileSize readonly The compression option. Valid only when encoding is JPEG2000.
transparency readonly DEPRECATED.
useOutlines readonly DEPRECATED. ( use outlines for text? Only valid if vector data is included )
vectorData readonly DEPRECATED. ( include vector data )
view readonly If true, opens the saved PDF in Acrobat.