Options for saving a document in TIFF format.

Static Properties

alphaChannels readonly If true, the alpha channels are saved.
annotations readonly If true, the annotations are saved.
byteOrder readonly The order in which the bytes will be read. Default: Mac OS when running in Mac OS, and IBM PC when running in Windows.
embedColorProfile readonly If true, the color profile is embedded in the document.
imageCompression readonly The compression type.
interleaveChannels readonly If true, the channels in the image are interleaved.
jpegQuality readonly The quality of the produced image, which is inversely proportionate to the amount of JPEG compression. Valid only for JPEG compressed TIFF documents. Range: 0 to 12.
layerCompression readonly The method of compression to use when saving layers (as opposed to saving composite data). Valid only when ‘layers’ = true.
layers readonly If true, the layers are saved.
saveImagePyramid readonly If true, preserves multi-resolution information.
spotColors readonly If true, spot colors are saved.
transparency readonly If true, saves the transparency as an additional alpha channel when the file is opened in another application.