Options that can be specified when opening a document in RAW format.

Static Properties

bitsPerChannel readonly The number of bits for each channel. Valid values: 8 or 16.
byteOrder readonly The order in which bytes will be read. Valid only when ‘bits per channel’ = 16.
channelNumber readonly The number of channels in the image. Valid only when ‘bits per channel’ = 16. Range: 1 to 56.
headerSize readonly The number of bytes of information that will appear in the file before actual image information begins; that is, the number of zeroes inserted at the beginning of the file as placeholders. Range: 0 to 1919999.
height readonly The image height (in pixels)
interleaveChannels readonly If true, color values are stored sequentially.
retainHeader readonly If true, the header is retained when saving.
width readonly The image width (in pixels)