Options to define for the preferences property of the application object, basically equivalent to selecting Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Photoshop > Preferences in the Adobe Photoshop application.


additionalPluginFolder readonly The path to the additional plug-in folder. Valid only when ‘use additional plugin folder’ = true.
appendExtension readonly Save files with extensions on Windows.
askBeforeSavingLayeredTIFF readonly If true, asks the user to verify layer preservation options when saving a file in TIFF format.
autoUpdateOpenDocuments readonly If true, automatically updates open documents.
beepWhenDone readonly If true, alerts the user when a process finishes.
colorChannelsInColor readonly If true, displays component channels in the Channels palette in color.
colorPicker readonly The color picker to use.
columnGutter readonly The gutter of columns (in points)
columnWidth readonly The width of columns (in points)
createFirstSnapshot readonly If true, automatically makes the first snapshot when a new document is created.
dynamicColorSliders readonly If true, dynamic color sliders appear in the Color palette.
editLogItems readonly Options for edit log items.
exportClipboard readonly If true, retains Adobe Photoshop contents on the clipboard after you exit the application.
fontPreviewSize readonly Show font previews in the type tool font menus.
fullSizePreview readonly If true, shows the image preview as a full size image.
gamutWarningOpacity readonly The opacity (as a percentage) of the warning color for out-of-gamut colors. Range: 0 to 100.
gridSize readonly The size of grid squares.
gridStyle readonly The formatting style for non-printing grid lines.
gridSubDivisions readonly The value by which to subdivide the grid.
guideStyle readonly The formatting style for non-printing guide lines.
iconPreview readonly If true, shows the image preview as a thumbnail.
imageCacheForHistograms readonly If true, shows the current image cache used to create the histogram.
imageCacheLevels readonly The number of images to hold in the cache. Range: 1 to 8.
imagePreviews readonly The behavior mode to use when saving files.
interpolation readonly The method to use to assign color values to any new pixels created when an image is resampled or resized.
keyboardZoomResizesWindows readonly If true, automatically resizes the window when zooming in or out using keyboard shortcuts.
macOSThumbnail readonly If true, creates a thumbnail when saving the image in Mac OS.
maxRAMuse readonly Maximum percentage of available RAM used by Photoshop.
maximizeCompatibility readonly The behavior to use to check whether to maximize compatibility when opening Adobe Photoshop (PSD) files.
nonLinearHistory readonly If true, allows non-linear history.
numberOfHistoryStates readonly The number of history states to preserve. Range: 1 to 100.
otherCursors readonly The type of pointer to use.
paintingCursors readonly The type of pointer to use.
parent readonly The object’s container.
pixelDoubling readonly If true, halves the resolution or (doubles the size of pixels) to make previews display more quickly.
pointSize readonly The point/pica size.
recentFileListLength readonly The number of items in the recent file list. Range: 0 to 30.
rulerUnits readonly The unit that the scripting system uses when receiving and returning values.
saveLogItems readonly Options for saving the history items.
saveLogItemsFile readonly File to save the history log.
savePaletteLocations readonly If true, makes new palette locations the default location.
showAsianTextOptions readonly If true, Asian text options are displayed in the Paragraph palette.
showEnglishFontNames readonly If true, Asian font names are listed in English.
showSliceNumber readonly If true, displays slice numbers in the document window when using the Slice tool.
showToolTips readonly If true, pop-up definitions are displayed on mouseover.
smartQuotes readonly If true, curly quote marks are used.
textFontSize readonly Size of the small font used in panels and dialogs.
typeUnits readonly The unit type-size that the numeric inputs are assumed to represent.
typename readonly The class name of the object.
useAdditionalPluginFolder readonly If true, uses an additional folder for compatible plug-ins stored with a different application.
useDiffusionDither readonly If true, uses diffusion dither.
useHistoryLog readonly Turn on and off the history logging.
useLowerCaseExtension readonly If true, the file extension is lowercase.
useShiftKeyForToolSwitch readonly If true, enables cycling through a set of hidden tools.
useVideoAlpha readonly If true, enables Adobe Photoshop to send transparency information to your computer?s video board. (Requires hardware support.)
windowsThumbnail readonly If true, creates a thumbnail when saving the image in Windows. (Requires hardware support.)