The selected area of the document or layer.


bounds readonly The bounding rectangle of the entire selection.
parent readonly The object’s container.
solid readonly If true, the bounding rectangle a solid rectangle.
typename readonly The class name of the object.


clear readonly Clears the selection and does not copy it to the clipboard.
contract readonly Contracts the selection.
copy readonly Copies the selection to the clipboard.
cut readonly Cuts the current selection to the clipboard.
deselect readonly Deselects the current selection.
expand readonly Expands the selection.
feather readonly Feathers the edges of the selection.
fill readonly Fills the selection.
grow readonly Grows the selection to include all adjacent pixels falling within the specified tolerance range.
invert readonly Inverts the selection.
load readonly Loads the selection from the specified channel.
makeWorkPath readonly Makes this selection item the workpath for this document.
resize readonly Resizes the selected area to the specified dimensions and anchor position.
resizeBoundary readonly Scales the boundary of the selection.
rotate readonly Rotates the object.
rotateBoundary readonly Rotates the boundary of the selection.
select readonly Selects the specified region.
selectAll readonly Selects the entire layer.
selectBorder readonly Selects the selection border only (in the specified width); subsequent actions do not affect the selected area within the borders.
similar readonly Grows the selection to include pixels throughout the image falling within the tolerance range.
smooth readonly Cleans up stray pixels left inside or outside a color-based selection (within the radius specified in pixels).
store readonly Saves the selection as a channel.
stroke readonly Strokes the selection.
translate readonly Moves the object relative to its current position.
translateBoundary readonly Moves the boundary of selection relative to its current position.