A path or drawing object, such as the outline of a shape or a straight or curved line, which contains sub paths that comprise its geometry.


kind readonly The type of path.
name readonly The name of the path item.
parent readonly The object’s container.
subPathItems readonly The sub path objects for this path item.
typename readonly The class name of the object.


add readonly Adds an element.
deselect readonly Unselects the selection, no path items are selected.
duplicate readonly Duplicate this object.
duplicate readonly Duplicates this path item.
fillPath readonly Fills the area enclosed by the path.
makeClippingPath readonly Makes this path item the clipping path for this document.
makeSelection readonly Makes a selection object, whose border is the path, from this path item object.
remove readonly Deletes this object.
removeAll readonly Deletes all elements.
select readonly Makes this path item the active or selected path item.
strokePath readonly Strokes the path.