Options for exporting Save For Web files.

Static Properties

PNG8 readonly If true, uses 8 bits. If false, uses 24 bits. Valid only when ‘format’ = PNG.
blur readonly The amount of blur to apply to the image to reduce artifacts.
colorReduction readonly The color reduction algorithm.
colors readonly The number of colors in the palette.
dither readonly The type of dither.
ditherAmount readonly The amount of dither. Valid only when ‘dither’ = diffusion.
format readonly The file format to use. Save For Web supports only Compuserve GIF, JPEG, PNG-8, PNG-24, and BMP formats.
includeProfile readonly If true, includes the document’s embedded profile.
interlaced readonly If true, the image downloads in multiple passes, progressive.
lossy readonly The amount of lossiness allowed.
matteColor readonly The colors to blend transparent pixels against.
optimized readonly If true, creates smaller but less compatible files.
quality readonly The quality of the produced image (as a percentage). Range: 0 to 100.
transparency readonly If true, transparent areas of the image are included in the saved image.
transparencyAmount readonly The amount of transparency dither. Valid only when ‘transparency’ = true.
transparencyDither readonly The transparency dither algorithm.
webSnap readonly The tolerance amount within which to snap close colors to web palette colors.