Object that stores information about a color element in the image, analogous to a plate in the printing process that applies a single color. The document’s color mode determines the number of default channels. For example, an RGB document has four default channels: A composite channel: RGB; and three component channels: red, green, and blue. A channel can also be an alpha channel, which stores selections as masks; or a spot channel, which stores spot colors.


color readonly The color of the channel. Not valid for component channels.
histogram readonly A histogram of the color of the channel.
kind readonly The type of channel.
name readonly The channel name.
opacity readonly The opacity of alpha channels (called solidity for spot channels). Range: 0 to 100. Valid only when ‘type’ = masked area or selected area.
parent readonly The object’s container.
typename readonly The class name of the object.
visible readonly If true, the channel is visible.


add readonly Adds an element.
duplicate readonly Duplicate this object.
duplicate readonly Duplicates the channel.
merge readonly Merges a spot channel into the component channels.
remove readonly Deletes this object.
removeAll readonly Deletes all elements.