Options to specify when running a Batch command.

Static Properties

destination readonly The type of destination for the processed files.
destinationFolder readonly The folder location for the processed files. Valid only when ‘destination’ = folder.
errorFile readonly The file in which to log errors encountered. To display errors on the screen and stop batch processing when errors occur, leave blank.
fileNaming readonly A list of file naming options. Maximum: 6.
macintoshCompatible readonly If true, the final file names are Macintosh compatible.
overrideOpen readonly If true, overrides action open commands.
overrideSave readonly If true, overrides save as action steps with the specified destination.
startingSerial readonly The starting serial number to use in naming files.
suppressOpen readonly If true, suppresses file open options dialogs.
suppressProfile readonly If true, suppresses color profile warnings.
unixCompatible readonly If true, the final file names are Unix compatible.
windowsCompatible readonly If true, the final file names are Windows compatible.