The $ object provides a number of debugging facilities and informational methods.

Static Properties

build readonly The ExtendScript build information.
buildDate readonly The ExtendScript build date.
decimalPoint readonly The character used as the decimal point character in formatted numeric output.
engineName readonly The name of the current ExtendScript engine, if set.
error readonly The most recent run-time error information.
fileName readonly The file name of the current script.
flags readonly Gets or sets low-level debug output flags.
global readonly A reference to the global object, which contains the JavaScript global namespace.
hiresTimer readonly A high-resolution timer, measuring the time in microseconds. The timer starts when ExtendScript is initialized during the application startup sequence. Every read access resets the timer to Zero.
includePath readonly The path for include files for the current script.
level readonly The current debugging level, which enables or disables the JavaScript debugger.
line readonly The current line number of the currently executing script.
locale readonly Gets or sets the current locale.
localize readonly Set to true to enable the extended localization features of the built-in toString() method.
memCache readonly The ExtendScript memory cache size, in bytes.
os readonly The current operating system version information.
screens readonly An array of objects containing information about the display screens attached to your computer.
stack readonly The current stack trace.
strict readonly Sets or clears strict mode for object modification.
version readonly The version number of the ExtendScript engine.

Static Methods

about readonly Shows an About box for the ExtendScript component, and returns the text for the box.
bp readonly Breaks execution at the current position.
colorPicker readonly Invokes the platform-specific color selection dialog, and returns the selected color.
evalFile readonly Loads and evaluates a file.
gc readonly Initiates garbage collection in the ExtendScript engine.
getenv readonly Retrieves the value of an environment variable.
setenv readonly Sets the value of an environment variable.
sleep readonly Suspends the calling thread for a number of milliseconds.
toString readonly Converts this object to a string.
write readonly Prints text to the Console.
writeln readonly Prints text to the Console, and adds a newline character.